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We provides Digital & Offset printing for all your business and printing needs.
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Print Calendar 2020
We have readymade & customised calendar printing service, with Silver or Gold Hot Stamping.
Delivery can be arranged for Whole Malaysia & Singapore.

Desk Calendar,  Double Memo Calendar, Wall Calendar, Big Tong Seng Calendar, Horse Racing Calendar, Promotion Voucher Calendar, etc

Order your company calendar Year 2020 now!

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1. How do I make an order or ask for a quotation?
  In order to have a better accurate quotation, we advise you to prepare certain information 

       a)      Type of product to be printed
       b)      Size of the product
       c)      Material to be used
       d)      Finishing to add on
       e)      Printing side (single or double)
       f)      Quantity (MOQ depends on the type of product)
2. If I have my own design, can I print from Colourgram?
  Yes, if you are a designer who uses Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Corel Draw. We accept Ai , Psd file in order to have better accuracy in Colour & size. Make sure to Create Outline, bleeds for printing, embedded pictures to avoid missing link as we are not responsible for it.
  You can email us at
3. What if the Colour print out doesn’t match my design in softcopy
  The Colour from your softcopy are viewed in your monitor is RGB, when your design is printed out it will be in CMYK. To ensure better accuracy, it is advisable to provide Ai or PSD file with the pantone code.
  Each Offset & Digital machine has its printing pantone code. You can request for the print proofing once you confirm to print with Colourgram 
4. What is the difference in Digital & Offset Printing?
  Digital is usually use for short run jobs such as 50 pcs to 1000pcs of printed items in a short time. Printed items such as business cards, flyers, labels, stickers, menus, brochures and posters are common for short run jobs.
  Offset printing is for large format printing and bulk printing. It takes longer time to print and finishing. The benefit would be lower cost and custom printing.
5. Which material should I choose for my printing needs?
  It depends on the quality of printed material you want. Take for example: if you want to present your company profile, you can use fancy paper or thicker paper with matt lamination. You won’t want to use an A4 80gsm plain paper to print it. For more details on how to choose the right material please consult us. 
6. What is finishing?
  Finishing is a process after the item is printed on. Usually, additional effects are add on to bring out the premium feeling or quality. 
Type Finishing
Matt lamination a smooth matt film is heated on the paper surface
Gloss lamination a glossy film is heated on the paper surface
Spot UV   a highlighted effect of glossy spot on the picture , design, or words.
Hot stamping An effect created with a die cast plate with wordings or design and is stamp either silver or gold foil. 
Emboss  A surface on the paper bulge up with a symbol or logo. It is created with a emboss die cast plate pressing on the paper.
Debossing A method to create a recessed or a sunken effect on the image of the paper surface. 
7. What is the MOQ for a print job?             
Type MOQ
For digital printing:  50 – 1,000 pcs .
For offset printing: 1,000 pcs above
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